Impact Night is a party for every volunteer on any Impact Team! This is a night you won’t want to miss. We celebrate wins, enjoy games together, & hear an exclusive message. This party happens the first Thursday of the month at 7pm.

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XO At Hope

Whether you are married or single, this weekend will help you navigate relationships of all kinds. Friday night will include a catered dinner with sessions to follow. Saturday will begin with breakfast and two more sessions ending at noon. Invest in your marriage this year or take your relationships to a whole new level at XO 2022!

Hope Youth

Hope Youth is where the party is at! This Wednesday-night event is for teens ages 12 through 18. The night is filled with games, friends, and relevant talks to help them right where they are at! Hope Youth is all about discovering who you are and becoming your best self!  Party starts @ 6:30PM every Wednesday night!



From Dance & Nerf Camps, to Block Parties, Halloween Hunts, Easter Hunts, & Go into our World weeks we love to reach our community and have fun doing it! Join the party by signing up to be a part today!